SALTR v2.2.0 is live!

We recently released SALTR’s new version!


What’s new in version 2.2.0:

  • New: you can add devices now on the fly by opening API Console right from segment’s or experiments “Assigned Devices” list.
  • New: multi-cell assets are here! In Level editor enjoy creating complex assets sitting in multiple cells in matrix boards. Removes huge amount of pain from developers!
  • New: now you can embed boards into each other (matrix into matrix & matrix into canvas 2D is supported currently).
  • New: funnel events are enabled allowing you to measure user conversion through a funnel of sub-events.
  • New: new “Path” tools allow you to define any amount of paths for an asset instance (bezier or linear).
  • New: Level Win/Lose ratio analytics! Yes, this is big! Your Level collection page will show you a nice chart about this, allowing you to see where the problem exactly is and act instantly.
  • New: our charts also got CSV export option as well. Definitely will ease your life if your work with more or less complex data!

  • Fixed: chunk management in Matrix boards in case of moving them from layer to layer.
  • Fixed: you can have empty chunks in Matrix boards a t the moment. This allows to use chunks simply for marking some areas of the board, which is pretty cool and a life-saving thing to have.
  • Fixed: in level editor if you have unsaved changes and click on a link redirecting you to another page, we will ask you a confirmation before redirect. This will save a lot of changes lost by an accidental click! You are welcome world!
  • Fixed: improved asset state details viewing & editing popup.
  • Fixed: improved UI for feature rules editing.
  • Fixed: duplicating instances is easier now and works like a bliss!

Thank you!