SALTR v2.1.7 is released!

Some great changes and improvements are live!

What’s new in version 2.1.7:
  • New: Our brand new Dashboard is made to make your day to day app management easier. Now “All Users” segments is a part of Dashboard with all its analytics & charts.  
  • New: Device management page is redesigned and now it is accessible from left sidebar for each app instance. Registered devices are crucial for development and testing, so we cutted of a lot of cluttering UI and made their usage dead simple.
  • New: We also added “Unassign From All” action for devices. It allows you to free your device from all assigned segments and experiment partitions right away.
  • New: Many level designers tend to have dozens of boards in their levels. That number made hard to find specific board in the Level Editor. That’s why we added a Locate button near Boards List dropdown. It will scroll the screen and make selected board visible. 
  • New: API Console is now accessible from new Devices page as a popup! Also we have a added button for your browser’s IP auto-detection! No need to Google “what is my IP” from now on (of course for this to be useful your device should be connected to the same network as your browser’s machine).
  • New: All popups in SALTR are now draggable! Small change, but so much useful, especially when you have some data in background!
  • New: Segments and Experiment Partitions filtering dialog UI got a nice upgrade and it is much easier to add new criteria now!
  • New: Now you are asked to set feature’s Required status from ”Add Feature” dialog. Much more straightforward approach!
  • Fixed: Many of our customers do have more than 1000 levels in some of their games. That number made Level Collection pages to become sluggish. Enter ReactJS! The fastest JS library is now being used in many of SALTR pages and will make user experience blazingly fast. Enjoy!
  • Fixed: JSON Editor was behaving weirdly when you were trying to copy-paste some text in the Raw Editor mode. JSON is sacred, so no tolerance was expressed by our team towards this issue!
  • Fixed: Functional of migrating a snapshotted variant was broken. Not the case at the moment!
  • Fixed: Multiple minor & medium importance issues and bugs. If you are really interested in the list, write us! ))

Thank you!