SALTR v2.1.6 is out today!

We have been working all summer to deliver these changes to you!

What’s new in version 2.1.6:
  • New: We have much improved UI in Experiments page. Now there are published and unpublished experiments. You can configure experiments correctly and then only publish them into dashboard. Experiment grouping is much more simpler now as well. Simply drag & drop experiment onto existing group or single experiment in dashboard, or chose publishing grouping option in Publish popup. 
  • New: We removed Default Variant flags in Features and Levels, as we saw that life is simpler without them!
  • New: Manage Boards mode in Level Editor now allows you to edit all boards’ API Output, token and size properties. This is so makes this mode so much more useful and saves a lot of time when you deal with levels containing many boards.
  • New: In Matrix Boards selected asset’s cell now has a highlight making easier to see which asset is selected.
  • New: You can drag & drop the selected asset in Matrix Boards. Simple addon, but so useful!
  • New: Now you can use wildcards in PO Rule Tokens to apply the rule onto multiple PO-s at once! So cool and saves so much time in certain cases!
  • Fixed: “Copy Board To…” and “Migrate Feature” popups UI-s are simpler and cleaner now. Enjoy!
  • Fixed: When copying assets using Alt+Drag in Canvas boards, now focus stays on copied assets. That was the right thing to happen anyway!
  • Fixed: We had an issues with Canvas boards resizing, sometimes the wrong size was applied. This annoying thing is gone now!
  • Fixed: Also when Canvas boards were resized the content was weirdly scaled and not cropped. Not it works perfectly and you can see which part of the content stays out of the board limits while resizing it.
  • Fixed: A lot of issues are fixed related to JSON Editor and its Rules. Will make your work smoother, even if you are used to do weirdly complicated stuff :).

Thank you!