SALTR v2.1.2 is live!

We have a new version with a shiny set of improvements and additions!

What’s new in version 2.1.2:

  • New: Great news! Property editor now supports arrays! Full JSON compatibility achieved!
  • New: JSON editor mode is added to property editor! This means that if you want go old school JSON text editing - your time has came. Seriously, sometimes editing JSON as text is just so much faster…
  • New: We also added a Description field in the Property Rules. This means that you can write a detailed description of the field and we will show it in a tooltip in all variants where rule is applied. No more uncertainty about what that or this field was about and what can be changed in it!
  • New: Level Collections got new Preview mode allowing you to see all present level variants previews one after another in one screen. Level balancing and planning was never so easy. 
  • New: New Users chart is added to the analytics. Easily see which segments get more new users and which ones don’t from now on…
  • New: If you have a property object popup opened while editing a level and want to share a link to a teammate, just send the URL. It will navigate her exactly to the level and open the specified property object popup. So much more convenient! 
  • New: Want to rollout your new cool feature gradually? Now we have an OFF variant explicitly present in variant list allowing you to simply publish the feature as it is  turned OFF in any segment or experiment partition. Working with feature flags became much easier with this!

  • Fixed: A weird bug was fixed in Migration page, preventing you to overwrite board settings when migrating levels.
  • Fixed: In a certain situation it was possible to create 2 assets with identical tokens, and that is not allowed to happen ever! So it is fixed.
  • Fixed: A whole bunch of UI bugs and glitches that you probably won’t be interested to know about in details, but just go on and play around SALTR and you will feel that it is better, simpler, faster and more reliable!