SALTR v2.0.8 is released!

The great leader approves this release!

What’s new in version 2.0.8:

  • New: Levels now have Default Variants as well, which make variant creation and consistency much more better. Setting a variant as default paints it into green and puts it on top of the variant list, enjoy!
  • New: Features got a nice improvement on their Property Rules mechanism! Now you can define mutually exclusive properties & also create templates for the properties and groups allowed to be added into the feature. This makes SALTR’s feature property editor a much nicer and more secure place to be for anyone who modifies feature for their audience!
  • New: We improved App Migration page interface to be much more compact & clear. Give it a shot, folks!
  • New: Property Objects now got a larger popup to be more comfortable to work with. We also show now the level and its variant names in the popup to highlight the ownership of the current PO users is working on.

  • Fixed: API Console sometimes were not including request/response summary data in the data output in console. That caused some difficulties for some of our valuable users, so we had to fix it!
  • Fixed: There was a bug in Level Publish popup, that was hiding all snapshot variants after publishing a level variant somewhere. That bug had to be gone! And it is!
  • Fixed: For some reason you could target the same cell in a Matrix Board from several Property Objects. But actually the cell can handle only one property object. We added a check, so you can’t target already targeted cell. Surely this will clear a lot of trouble for some match-3 game makers.
  • Fixed: In some situations devices and device groups assigned to an experiment partition was impossible to un-assign. The bug is gone, so you can confidently assign/un-assign any device into any experiment partition!