For Developers

Develop and Release 2X Faster

Focus on development instead of settings tweaking. Move control over app settings to SALTR’s Dashboard and adjust values in real-time (no app rebuilds).

Develop and Release 2X Faster

No need to develop custom
level editor for your game

Enjoy real-time level balancing with SALTR Level Editor (any board or 2D game is supported).

Enjoy real-time level balancing

Easy SDK integration

Get free onboarding support from SALTR's engineering team.

Easy SDK integration

For Product Managers

Gain real-time control over settings and levels from day one

Always have full access to play and tune any settings or balance levels - all done in real-time with no developers involved.

Real-time control

Play and apply changes on a real device

Make SALTR Dashboard your control panel for managing changes and seeing them right away on a real device (no simulators).

Play and apply changes

Define unique experiences for every user

Create segments of users based on various standard and custom properties. Launch changes visible only to certain segments in real-time.

Define unique experiences

Improve your game every day by running multiple experiments

Improve your game every day by running multiple experiments Create as many experiments as you need in real time, by modifying levels and settings to

Improve your game

For CEO’s

Maximize revenues from every segment of your user base

Find unique feature and pricing fit for every specific user segment of your user base. Empower your team to take actions and measure in real-time.

Maximize revenues

Release Apps 2x faster

Boost your team’s productivity by giving everyone access of balancing, playing and trying new configurations independently from each other.

Release Apps 2x faster

No more waiting for App Store approvals

Deliver changes and tweaks immediately to your app. Don’t bother users with frequent updates for balancing levels, settings and prices. Every user gets their unique setup and balancing

No more waiting